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So you are facing a reality that requires you to make plans for funeral home and cremations in Turtle Creek, PA. Programs can be arranged for immediate needs when a death has already occurred. It is also possible to make plans when death is looming due to advanced age or ailing health. Did you also know you can make your own plans for future final arrangements when death is not expected to happen for many years? When making any of these plans, the first step is to decide which types of services you will want to hold.

Understanding what each service style entails can help you sort out which one(s) will best fit your situation. We’ll first look at cremation services. When it comes to final disposition preparation, cremation can offer solutions to tricky timelines. It can also support those who feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of decisions that need to be made in a short time. This is because the time-bound portion of death care is handled right away, so other services can wait a bit if needed.

Cremation is a procedure that changes the final form of the remains from an intact body to ashen grains. The change occurs through burning in an individual and respectful way. Because cremation is a permanent process, specific regulations must be followed to protect consumers and support upstanding practices. Each cremation must be performed after specific permits and paperwork are fulfilled. No cremation can be performed for more than one individual at a time.

The basic outline of steps to complete a cremation follows:

  • Secure protocols positively identify the deceased.
  • Permits and waiting periods are fulfilled.
  • Medical devices, such as pacemakers, need to be removed prior to the process. Jewelry is removed if it is to be saved.
  • A combustible cremation container receives the body for the procedure.
  • The cremation chamber is secured with the body inside.
  • Intensely high heat is turned on, and the contents within are consumed.
  • All remaining elements and bone fragments are collected and ground to a granular consistency.
  • Ashes are contained in a preselected or temporary urn.
  • Cremated remains are then returned to the closest relative.

Since cremation itself only handles the remains, some type of ceremony will often be held in remembrance of the dead. This could take multiple forms. It may be a funeral or memorial service.

If a funeral service is to be held, it will take place prior to cremation. By definition, funeral service has the deceased lying in repose at the service. Holding the funeral first allows this to be true. Embalming and viewing can take place if desired. After the funeral service, the deceased will be transferred to the crematory for cremation.

Memorial services would typically take place during or after the cremation process. The service could be held soon after death or many months later. A memorial service provides a lovely way to pay tribute and support other grieving loved ones and friends. It can be beneficial to the healing process to take this time to mark the passing of a loved one.

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Necessary Merchandise for Funeral Home and Cremations in Turtle Creek, PA

Depending on how the final remains will be placed for memorialization, different items may be necessary to purchase. Most funeral providers have a selection of available product types to serve different tastes and price points. As you plan the specifics of a funeral home and cremations in Turtle Creek, PA, here are some items that may be mentioned to you:

  • Caskets: A box with a lid built to display the deceased and house their final remains for burial or entombment is called a casket. These products have many different designs and are mostly made from wood or metals. Colors, lining materials, and decorative ornaments can all be customized for each unit.
  • Urns: A receptacle that is built to receive cremated remains is called an urn. They can be simple or ornate. The urn can be designed for burial or display. There are practically limitless possibilities for urn style choices as custom orders are expected.
  • Burial Vaults: A barrier between the earth and the casket or urn is called a burial vault. Most cemeteries require a vault or grave liner as part of the internment process. The primary purpose of the vault is to prevent large amounts of settling over time.
  • Mementos and Keepsakes: Certain keepsakes can be custom ordered before your loved one is laid to rest. Cremation jewelry such as pendants or Thumbies fingerprint accessories can be made just for you.

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At any phase of the planning process, the professionals at Jobe Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. are prepared to assist you. These experts can help you with learning the basics of the service styles, from selecting merchandise to helping with paperwork for funeral home and cremations in Turtle Creek, PA.

Funeral Home & Cremation FAQs

How do you pre-plan a funeral home service?

  • If you wish to plan and pay for your funeral in advance at today's pricing, funeral plans are a fantastic idea and a terrific way to support your family. A funeral plan, on the other hand, can be a negative idea if hidden extras result in additional expenditures when the time comes.
Can you finance a funeral home service?
  • Funeral loans are a type of funding available to families who have lost a loved one and are organizing a funeral ceremony. Families can apply for a funeral loan to pay their funeral home upfront for their services while making reduced monthly payments for the whole amount.
What is the proper etiquette in a funeral home?
  • It is recommended to keep visits brief unless it is obvious that they require companionship or would like to converse. If you are not a family member or close friend, it is more customary to express your condolences during the funeral, either before or after the ceremony.

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