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Final arrangements can be planned at need, for upcoming requirements, or even for very far distant needs. Part of the planning process involves selecting which style or styles of services you would like to have. For all of your needs around funeral home and cremations in Monroeville, PA, Jobe Funeral Home and Crematory can support your desires.

There are a few common types of services to honor the dead and lay them to rest. To start with, let’s talk about what all is entailed in a cremation service. The process of cremation is a means to transform the deceased remains into a collection of sand-like particles. Often these particles are referenced with the words “ashes” or “cremains.” All potential for disease-carrying pathogens connected with the remains is rendered inert.

The cremation procedure is relatively simple and may not vary too dramatically between providers. However, it is imperative to work with a provider you feel you can trust with this delicate process. Legally, cremation must only be performed after the appropriate permits are obtained. There is no reversal to the cremation process, so families should be absolutely sure this is the best option for their circumstances.

When the process can legally be performed, the body is checked for any medical devices that should not be cremated and subsequently removed. Then the remains are placed in a lightweight, flammable cremation container. Together, this casket and body are securely positioned within the cremation chamber. Extreme temperatures are applied to the chamber, and the body and container succumb to flames.

After a cooling period, the remaining fragments and particles are collected and further processed for a uniform presentation. An urn holds the ashes to return them to the family. Final disposition is decided upon by following the known wishes of the decedent or the next of kin. Cremation can be held in connection with a funeral or memorial service. These services are detailed below.

After the passing of an individual, there is often some type of honoring ceremony held to lay them to rest. A funeral service provides a chance for family and close friends to meet together in memoriam of the one who died. This act can provide a bit of closure and offer the opportunity to “say goodbye” one last time. Funerals are held with the deceased individual lying in repose at the meeting, most often in a closed casket. Funerals are usually followed by burial, but a cremation is definitely an option at this point in the process.

On the other hand, a memorial service does not have the body of the deceased individual present at the event. This can be very helpful in many circumstances. Some families choose a memorial service when there is a need to have more time to plan the service or to gather together. The body may be immediately buried or cremated in a timeframe that is appropriate for the time of death. Thereafter, the memorial could be held several weeks (or even months) in the future.

If cremation has been chosen, the ashes of the deceased can be on display at this event. Sometimes a scattering ceremony will be held in tandem with a memorial service. No matter the style of service, the details can be customized for you. Gatherings might be large or small. Services may be formal or informal.

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Choosing Relevant Merchandise for Funeral Home and Cremations in Monroeville, PA

Merchandise needs related to these final arrangements will vary depending on the plans for final disposition. As you make selections for services around funeral home and cremations in Monroeville, PA, the needed items can be chosen along the way.

If a funeral is held and followed by burial, a casket and burial vault will need to be purchased. If a cremation follows the funeral, a rented casket will need to be selected. Caskets are available in a variety of materials and finishes. The interior liners can be decorative or simple. There are even options to add medallions and mementos to the interior of the casket.

Burial vaults are required at most cemeteries and memorial parks where interment will take place. The purpose of the vault is to help prevent the settling of the grave over time. This keeps cemeteries looking more uniform and easier to maintain. In addition, as containerized cremated remains can be buried, vaults for urns or caskets are available.

Cremated remains are frequently housed within some type of urn that has been designed for this purpose. Many unique types can be chosen to reflect the personality of the deceased. Urns may be selected for burial or display.

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As you begin to make plans for funeral home and cremations in Monroeville, PA, call the professional staff at Jobe Funeral Home and Crematory to assist you. From designing the right services to selecting the perfect merchandise, they are ready to help.

Funeral Home & Cremation FAQs

What are the options for funeral home and cremation service?

  • Cremation service.
  • Burial services.
  • Religious funerals.
  • Woodland burials.
  • Direct cremation.
  • Alternative funerals.

How soon is funeral service after death?

  • A normal funeral might take up to two weeks following the death. The family can wait as long as they like if the corpse is burned, though most are done within a month at the most. A memorial ceremony can be held at any time after the deceased has been buried or cremated.

What are the social security benefits after death?

  • If the surviving spouse was living with the dead or was receiving certain Social Security benefits on the dead's record, a one-time lump-sum death payment of $255 can be made.

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