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Do you need to make final arrangements for yourself or your loved one? Knowing the different types of service formats can make your decisions a bit easier. With various styles and tons of flexibility in how they can be customized, there is sure to be a style that will be perfect for your situation. As you plan services for a funeral home and cremations in Harrison City, PA, think about what you are hoping to accomplish with these events.

Let’s start by talking about cremation services. Cremation is the procedure that reduces an intact body to a small collection of granular particles. This final form is frequently referred to as “ashes.” Controlled exposure to high-intensity heat and combustion is how the ashes are made. All cremation procedures are regulated by law. This is a safety to consumers.

Each crematory may have slightly different protocols. However, the basics of the process remain the same overall.

  • A secure identification system will be used to keep track of who is who.
  • All pertinent permits and waiting periods must be fulfilled before the procedure can be performed.
  • Any medical devices will be removed, and a check for jewelry takes place.
  • The body will be enclosed in a cremation casket, usually a lightweight container made from cardboard or thin, flammable wood.
  • The container and contents are secured inside the cremation chamber.
  • Intense, high heat is applied within the chamber, and the contents burn for anywhere from one to two hours.
  • After cooling, a magnet is run over the remains to collect any metal objects that were in the body.
  • All remaining fragments are collected and ground to a uniform, grain-like texture.
  • The “ashes” are containerized and returned to the family.

It can help to know that any style of honoring service can be held in conjunction with a cremation service. If no honoring service is desired, the cremation can take place without an attached public event. Cremations are always offered for only one person at a time. Choosing a provider who can perform the cremations in their own facilities is an excellent way to ensure that your loved one will be in the same capable hands for the entirety of their stay with that provider.

Funeral services allow us to gather with loved ones and friends after death. The funeral can be large or small. It may include a visitation or viewing meeting as well. The opportunity to see the deceased one more time is thought to have important benefits to the grieving process. It can help to promote acceptance and provide closure. Because the body of the departed individual is present for these services, the funeral usually takes place within a few days or weeks of the death date.

A memorial service can feel very similar to a funeral service. The opportunity to gather and remember your loved one is cathartic. One key difference between these two service styles is that the body is not present for a memorial service. If available, cremated remains could be part of this service. For those who need more time to plan or gather for an honoring ceremony, the memorial service can be a fantastic option.

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Merchandise Related to Funeral Home and Cremations in Harrison City, PA

As arrangements for funeral home and cremations in Harrison City, PA, begin to take shape, there will be a need to select some relevant merchandise to lay your loved one to rest properly. Certain mementos are nice to have and can be selected at this time. Here are a few items that you may wish to know more about:

  • Urns: Cremation urns are designed to receive the final remains of your loved one. While the urn can be a traditional vase or box, many beautiful sculpture-like receptacles are created for this purpose. An urn can be displayed, or there are urns designed to be buried or entombed. There can be a great deal of personalization in these selections.
  • Caskets: There are a variety of materials and styles of caskets. Some are classic and sleek designs, while others are more ornate and traditional. There's something suitable for everyone.
  • Vaults: The burial vault is an extra layer for the casket or burial urn to be sealed within before the ground is closed around the casket. Most cemeteries require this liner to help prevent substantial settling of the gravesite.
  • Keepsakes: Many keepsakes can be ordered to help you remember your loved one. Cremation or fingerprint jewelry such as Thumbies can give you a memento of your loved one. These can be designed on pendants, bracelets, earrings, tie tacks, etc.

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Funeral Home & Cremation FAQs

Do veterans get a free funeral?

  • Almost all veterans are eligible for free military funeral honors. They are also frequently eligible for free memorial items like headstones, markers, and medals.

Can you have a cremation without service?

  • A direct cremation is an unattended cremation that does not include a funeral service. It means you may remember someone in your own way and at a time and place that is convenient for you.

How to choose a good funeral home?

  • Decide on a budget with your family.
  • Find out about your funeral rights.
  • Weigh your options.
  • Decide on the sort of layout.
  • Compile a list and compare costs.
  • Narrow your options.
  • Visit a few funeral homes.
  • Request quotes.

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